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AMAZING TECHNOLOGY FOR your natural healthcare 
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Mold in homes or other buildings can be very toxic to your health.  Exposure has been linked to: Asthma, Chronic Sinus Problems, Atypical Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Bipolar Depression, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Stomach Pain, Kidney Issues and Heart Problems.  Mold can reactivate viral, bacterial or parasitic infections.

A urine test can help me to identify the types of mold that you and your family have been exposed to.  Then I will recommend a customized supplement program and eating plan to help rid your body of these invaders so your health will be restored.  Stop suffering and call today to schedule an appointment!


Hypothyroid or low thyroid is the most common problem.  In this case the thyroid is not producing enough hormones or the hormones are not getting to the cells in the body.  Some of the effects include slow metabolism, weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, aches and pains, insomnia, brain fog, high cholesterol, digestive issues, and more.

Our DNA Testing can find the underlying causes of the thyroid imbalance.  Some of the things we check for include food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium, etc.), hidden viral or bacterial or fungal infections, chemical toxins, and more.  A custom supplement program and eating plan is recommended based on your test results.  Call today to find out more and schedule your appointment!

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How To Get Tested:



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