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      This disease occurs when the body's immune system gets confused and starts attacking the thyroid.  Hormone production is reduced and eventually the thyroid may be destroyed.  As the thyroid starts to produce less hormones symptoms of Hypothyroidism begin to manifest.  Many of these are listed on the Hypothyroid page.  To get to the root cause of the problem it is necessary to find out why the immune system is malfunctioning. Focusing on the surpression of the symptoms with drugs or hormones is definitely barking up the wrong tree.


      Factors that can contribute to the development of Hashimotos' include:


      1)  Food sensitivities.  Foods containing gluten may cause an autoimmune reponse.  The wheat that was available 40 or 50 years ago bears little resemblance to the wheat of today.  The body may see gluten as a foreign invader and send out an attack.  This can end up involving the thyroid and other organs and tissues.  Foods containing gluten include wheat, barley, rye, kamut, spelt and sometimes oats.  Several foods may be causing a problem if the gut is damaged and is letting undigested food particles into the blood stream.  Through testing these foods can be identified and avoided either temporarily or permanently.  Repair of the intestines should be initiated with specific remedies.


      2)  Heavy metal toxicity.  Toxic metal like mercury and lead can cause severe damage to the immune system, the nerves, and other organs and tissues.  Have mercury (amalgum) tooth fillings removed by a naturally oriented dentist.  He or she will have special equipment to protect you during the removal process.  Replace the mercury with non-toxic biocompatible fillings.  


      3)  Chemical toxicity.  There are thousands of man made chemicals that can negatively effect the thyroid.  These include plastics, pesticides, food additives and many more.  For more information go to the Environmental Working Group's website:


      4)  Radiation exposure.  Limit the number of x-rays, cat scans, dental x-rays that you receive.  See if other options like ultrasound or infared may be substituted.  If you must have some type of x-ray be sure to ask for shielding for your neck and thyroid area.


      5)  Hidden bacterial or viral infections may play a role in autoimmune thyroid conditions.


      6)  Stress.  Prolonged stress levels can cause thyroid weakness.  The thyroid works in conjunction with the adrenals to provide the body with good energy.  If the adrenals are weakened by chronic stress it puts more load on the thyroid to make up the difference.  


       7)  Vitamin and mineral deficiences.  Before buying a bunch of supplements you may or may not need you may want to call my office so I can test you for deficiencies.  I see clients all the time who are taking a lot of supplements from the health food store but are not getting any better.  This is a waste of money and some of the supplements can actually be harmfull and can be setting progress back.  After you are tested you will have a targeted supplement program to truly meet your individual needs.  These usually consist of homeopathics, vitamins and minerals, herbals, and other specialized formulas.  The homeopathics are custom made for you and are based on your testing results.  They are deep and wide in action and can strengthen genetic weaknesses.


        8)  Nutritional factors.  Work toward a whole foods diet enjoying more fresh vegetables and fruits.  Eat organically whenever possible.  If you enjoy

chicken and beef buy organic or range-fed brands.  Eat wild caught fish.  If you eat higher quality foods you will be rewarded with larger amounts of vitamins and minerals and other nutraceuticals.  You will also help limit your exposure to toxins.


         If you would like to discuss your situation further please consider a mini appontment for only $25 for 30 minutes where we can talk about your concerns and possible solutions. 








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