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My high school aged daughter was suffering with fatigue, headaches, and focus issues.  I decided to have her tested on the recommendation of my 


chiropracter.  After she used the suggested supplements and homeopathics for a few weeks she was feeling much better.


Great energy, no more headaches, and her concentration was much improved!  N.P. in Canton, Georgia.

I came to see Terry at my son's insistence.  He and several other members of our family had been to Terry with good outcomes.  I finally gave in.  I've had terrible hives for over 6 years and have been itching and scratching ever since they appeared. Terry explained what samples I needed to give him and when he received them he sent them out to the laboratory.  After he received all the information from the tests he changed my diet a bit and put me on some supplements.  Lo and behold after a week my patches of hives went from 17 to 3!  I could finally get a complete night's sleep for the first time in years.  A couple weeks later all my hives were gone.  This was absolutely amazing to me.  I had been to 6 different specialists over the years with no relief.  

D.S., Waleska, Georgia.

Having rheumatoid arthritis I was looking for more pain relief and hoping something more natural would complement the medications I was taking.  After I was tested, a vitamin and supplement program along with some new eating suggestions became the order of the day.  I had doubts about everything but as I stuck with the program I really noticed positive changes.  My energy improved, my pain decreased, and I generally felt better.  Terry helped me find relief.  

S.D. , Woodstock.


                    I  first met with Terry in the spring of the year.  In February of that year I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had a lumpectomy and was scheduled


                    to start radiation shortly.  But beyond the cancer crisis, my health had been poor for ten years since my diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  Although the 


                    acute symptoms had subsided, I had little energy, aches and pains, and suffered from depression.  In addition I was diagnosed with rosacea and


                    was experiencing a reddened face, dry inflammed skin, and deposits beneath the skin, all of which distressed me greatly.  Terry spent time listening


                    to my health history.  Then he took a sample to be sent away for evaluation.  We spent some time discussing my general health and his thoughts


                    on improving it.  He was low-key, professional, and compassionate.  Much of the program depended on the findings of the analysis but Terry did 


                    suggest a supplement to help me tolerate the radiation treatments.  It definitely worked because I made it through  the six weeks of radiation with


                    no adverse effects except slightly reddened skin on the radiation site.  The doctor and technicians where I received the treatment said this was 


                    unusual.  I returned to learn of the results of the testing.  I was skeptical since over the years I had been to a number of practitioners, both tradi-


                    tional and alternative, for my fibromyalgia symptoms and none had helped much.  The test results showed a number of abnormal mineral


                    balances plus a toxic level of mercury.  I began to take several supplements to correct the the imbalances and reduce the toxicity.  In addition,


                    I followed a suggested nutritional plan.


                    My progress has been gradual but constant.  Now I have energy to work and enjoy the pleasures of life.  My aches and pains are greatly reduced


                    and most importantly, my depression is gone, replaced by an enthusiasm and appreciation of life.


                    Marya Tietz,  Alpharetta, Georgia





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