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"I came to see Terry in the spring of 2015 while I was dealing with a lot of fatigue, gout in the ankles and knees, and sinus allergies.  I had been on synthroid for over 10 years for an under active thyroid but it did not seem to be helping anymore.  I was also taking allopurinol for the gout but it was giving me nausea, diarrhea, and drowsiness.  If I stopped taking my antihistamine I would get headaches.  I wanted to try a more natural approach.  After testing me, Terry started me on a supplement program that included vitamins and minerals, herbals, and homeopathics.  The testing also helped to identify further problem areas including my back which needed chiropractic treatment.  I started changing my diet to be healthier incorporating juicing and other changes that were recommended.  After a few months I was off all my medications and feeling great!  If you are having any of these types of problems I would encourage you to try this wonderful approach.  With some effort you can experience the type of healthy changes that I did.


Maggie Shaw

Woodstock, Georgia

I came to see Terry for help with fatigue, stress, allergies, asthma, and eczema.  Along the way I was also looking for some suggestions for a better diet plan.  I was very pleased with the relief I received from those problems and also appreciated some good dietary advice.  My daughter was suffering with frequent colds, asthma, and had strep throat when I brought her in.  It was good to find out the foods she was sensitive to through the testing.  I believe avoiding those foods and taking the recommended supplements helped build up her immune system and improve her health.  Her strep cleared up quickly and her asthma symptoms were relieved.  She no longer has colds all the time either.  I have been so pleased with the program that I have recommended it to many of my family members and friends in good health and those who may suffer from health

         related issues.


         Madelyn Dean

         Marietta, Georgia

I started out seeing Terry Wright back in January because my blood work was out of balance (elevated liver enzymes, elevated blood sugars among a few other things).  I was tired all the time and over the past few years had gained quite a bit of weight (30 lbs).  My doctor had several test done looking for something (CT Scan, MRI, endoscopy/colonoscopy, several blood tests).  Since beginning with the Homeopathic Recovery Center I have seen remarkable changes in my body.  I began eating much better and healthier, taking various products that Mr. Wright recommended (based on my test results).  I have now lost 33 lbs and will continue until I reach my target goal (just another 18 lbs!).  I feel better.   My body does not ache all over.  I feel more rested after a night's sleep and I have more energy.  I still have a ways to go;  but have seen much improvement.  From being fearful of possibly having cancer somewhere in my body to feeling healthful and improving every day!  This whole body approach to health is definitely for me.  My doctor wanted to place me on pills to treat symptoms (forever).  Together with homeopathic remedies Mr. Wright and I are getting to the cause of my imbalances in my body and gaining health and balance.  I recommend anyone who has concerns about their health to try this approach for their health before simply treating a symptom....get to the cause and remove the problem!  You'll be glad you did.  


Janet G.

Woodstock, Georgia


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